What's new in October?

So I took the month of September off from blogging, and I am happy to say that I am returning to the blogosphere!

Today's blog post will mirror the information that I shared with you in my how to beat allergies naturally video I released toward the end of last week. 

Don't forget that we have another doTerra giveaway this month as well, and that the October special is unlimited adjustments for only $175! October's giveaway is a free tube of doTerra's Deep Blue Rub! I have samples available in my office, and I have tubes for purchase for $40.

Remember that you can earn tickets for the giveaway drawing by sharing this post, any other post from my professional page, liking my professional page on Facebook, leaving a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook, and coming in for an appointment! 



What's the best way to treat your allergies without taking OTC medication? 

First and foremost, come into the office and get your sinuses adjusted! It's easy and pain-free, and it can help stubborn sinuses start to drain like no other treatment out there! During October, you can get your sinuses adjusted for free with the regular spinal adjustment. So don't hesitate to schedule your appointment and come on in!

If you're not able to come in and get adjusted, then I am going to recommend two things. First, try out doTerra's Breathe essential oil blend! It's designed to clear up any kind of upper respiratory issue, and I think it's incredible. Breathe and Deep Blue are the two products that brought me to doTerra in the first place. You can apply it topically or diffuse it. Topical application will provide more immediate relief, and diffusing it will provide sustained relief and relaxation, especially over night!

If you already have some essential oils in your collection, try combining Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint! These oils together can really give seasonal allergies the one-two punch by helping boost your immune system and also dilating airways to help you breathe easier. For this specific combination, I recommend diffusing or making gel-caps that you can swallow. If you want to skip the step of making your own, you can always go with doTerra's ready-made gel-caps for seasonal allergies called TriEase. TriEase is a blend of these three oils, and it's wonderful for helping alleviate allergy symptoms!