Friday Funny and Some Arts and Culture!

Hi Everyone! Here's today's Friday Funny! 


Hah! I hope you like this week's funny. Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists, so I was very excited to find and share this comic with you. Who is one of your favorite artists? Feel free to comment and let me know. Maybe we can find more Friday Funny's with them! 

What's happening around town?

Well, there are a few things to consider. Tonight is the First Friday at the High Museum of Art. First Friday is a monthly, evening/after-hours event at the High. Tonight, they'll have arts and craft making activities through the Indie Craft Experience. This is a crazy cool group of extremely talented local artists that will help you make some of your own stuff! They will also be hosting the contemporary artist Omar Victor Diop and have guided tours of their newest exhibit, Making Africa.

There are also a few opportunities to catch some fun shows. This weekend I am going to see Morningside at Georgia Ensemble Theatre.  This is a hilarious show written by one of our incredibly talented local playwrights, Topher Payne. You should definitely make it out to Roswell to get a chance to see this show. 

Next week, I'll be going to see the Alliance Theatre's production of Hand to God in partnership with Dad's Garage. This dark comedy opened on Broadway a few seasons ago and has been delighting audiences around the country ever since. Did I mention there are puppets?! You can't go wrong with this one, that's for sure. Hand to God is intended for mature audiences. Parental discretion for children is advised.