Labor Day and doTerra Giveaway!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day is one of my favorite times of year. It's a time to get together with your family and friends and celebrate the end of the summer in style. Atlanta has a ton of celebrations, and I encourage you to get out and take advantage of them! 

What are some of the best things to try this labor day weekend? 

  • Dragon*Con Mixed Media Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime/Comic/Cinema Parade! (Saturday morning in downtown Atlanta)
  • AJC Decatur Book Festival
  • Black Gay Pride
  • Chik-Fil-A Bowl
  • Just to name a few, to see what else is going on, check out
  • Atlanta Plan It is WABE (our local NPR affiliate), and they're also a great resource to see what's going on in the city! 


What's next for September and Dr. William's practice?

For starters, I want to thank everyone for the tremendous response to my August special deal! Lots of people really enjoyed the opportunity to try out chiropractic for such an affordable price. Sadly, new patient exams are going back to their original price, but I am excited to announce the September special deal: COUPLES ADJUSTMENTS! That's right. I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to share chiropractic with your friends and loved ones. 

For the whole month of September, couples adjustments will be BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF! 

So how do couples adjustments work?

Couples adjustments are a BOGO half off! The first adjustment will be regular price, $50, and the second adjustment will be half price, $25! You only need to do two things to qualify for the deal, and being in a romantic relationship is not one of them! First, you and your partner/family member/friend must be established patients. (This means that you have completed your new patient examination and had your first adjustment.) Second, you have to come in at the same time as the other member of your couple!

Melaleuca oil is one of the absolute must-haves for your essential oil collection!

Melaleuca oil is one of the absolute must-haves for your essential oil collection!

doTerra Giveaway!

I'm so excited to announce that this is the giveaway of the month! If you have read any of my posts talking about essential oils, I have highlighted Melaleuca oil as one of the must-haves for your kits! doTerra's Melaleuca can be used in a diffuser, topically, and internally! You don't even need to dilute this one before you use it on your skin. What all can Melaleuca do for you? Well, for starters, it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It has incredible powers to clear up skin issues. It can even boost your immune system! Again, Lavender and Melaleuca are the two single oils that I use more than anything else, so make sure you participate in this giveaway!

How do I win the giveaway?

On Friday, September 29, I'll be drawing a raffle ticket that will determine the winner of the giveaway! I suppose you want to know how to get your hands on raffle tickets? It's easier than you think. You can earn raffle tickets by doing any of the following five things:

  1. Come into the office for an adjustments
  2. Check in to my practice on Facebook when you come in for your adjustment
  3. Review my practice on Facebook, Yelp, or Google
  4. Share my blog posts on your own social media sites
  5. Purchase any doTerra product from my practice

Here are some quick links to help you review my practice more easily!

Quick links for the review to make it easier for you:

Yours in health,

Dr. William